Come play with us…..we promise not to bite.

Open for select contributors:

“Little Hunger – Stories of October” an anthology


Six Point Press would like to publish your memories of preparing for winter, practical advice for the next generations, and personal stories facing the storm.

Please send submissions as an attachment and include a brief bio, email to with Attn: Hvshtula

This anthology is open for those who have lived on and been a part of Reservation life in America. Payment is $5 per contribution. Multiple submissions accepted as attachments in one email.

Open for all contributors:

99c. ebook anthologies are a great way for the reader to discover new writers with less risk than sitting down to a novel or a full priced anthology. Anthologies will be available through Createspace printing and the ebook will be listed on Amazon.

Anthologies are a great networking tool for writers both new and established. Amazon allows ten contributors to be listed for a book and so we will be holding contributors to a total of ten, including art and editors; this allows for multiple submissions and a nice sampling of styles.

We currently have five shared universe anthology projects. These are curated anthologies in universes our authors have developed, that are designed to be entertaining reads and professional markets. Entries are juried at open meetings of the writing resource group Mixt – if you are local you are welcome to message for meeting dates. Each anthology is open until we have 10 contributors; submissions will be considered and accepted or returned as they are received and a log of received/accepted submissions will be updated at the bottom of this page monthly.

“The Darker side of Christmas” focuses on the darker myths of the holiday season. Psychological horror, dark fantasy and folk tales.   Fiction, Essay, Flash fiction, Poetry, and B&W art/photography –

  1. “The Twelve Nights of Christmas” – 2013, Edited by Mir Plemmons and Cheryce Clayton, with stories by Danica Green, Michael Seese, Lance Davis, Tanya Nehmelman, Miriam Harrison, Adam Blampied, Jonathan Nichols, Mark Coulter, and Mir Plemmons with artwork by MA Shaudis of JinxMedic Studios and Doug Cambell of Aetherial Images.
  2. “Grandmother’s House” – currently open. Over the river and through the woods… remind us of why we hated going to Granma’s every year…the tears and fears and failings. Edited by Mir Plemmons and Cheryce Clayton.
  3. “Kissing Santa Claus” – currently open. Mild sf erotica accepted. Think horror noir. Fiction, Flash fiction, and B&W art/photography. Edited by Cheryce Clayton.

“After Ours” – what happens to the Hobgoblins, Cobolds, DomoVoi, Bohpoli, Brownies, and Gremlins (and other nonhuman Folk) when the humans have a zombie apocalypse? They get bored. And remember, dear writers, bored is very dangerous for the Folk…. The universe has five phases: 1. The humans are bitey and annoying; 2. The humans are dying and gone; 3. The Folk are lonely and bored; 4. Some Folk shift and change – become human; and 5. The return of humanity and the Folk having to remember how to live with them along with watching old friends who are now human. Dark Fantasy, humor, not quite kid safe. Fiction, Flash fiction, and B&W art/photography.

  1. “After Ours” – 2015, written by Cheryce Clayton, Edited by Mir Plemmons and Cheryce Clayton, with artwork by MA Shaudis of JinxMedic Studios. The first book sets the universe; it was written in stand alone flash fiction pieces and introduces many of the species of Folk.
  2. “After Ours 2” – currently open, 7 slots available, Edited by Mir Plemmons and Cheryce Clayton, Cover art by MA Shaudis. Talk to us before submitting. Looking to build on the original stories, find new characters, and explore the universe. If you use an existing character – please put it back when you are done.

“A Book of Happy Hours”

A series of small books that have drink recipes. Each book will feature a different hard alcohol and theme. Civil, Vintage, melancholy. Speculative Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Noir Horror. Fiction, Flash fiction, Poetry, and B&W art/photography. Each submission must feature a mixed drink with recipe.

  1. “Gin Wishes” – currently open – 7 slots available, Edited by Cheryce Clayton and Mir Plemmons. Be careful what you wish for…
  2. “Rum Runners” – not yet open, Edited by Cheryce Clayton and Mir Plemmons. Smugglers and pirates are soo cliché’…
  3. “Tequila Sunrise” – not yet open, Edited by Cheryce Clayton and Mir Plemmons. Waking up is hard to do…

“Personal Apocalypse Guides”

How to books of a more practical nature. There are mundane events that can destroy your life more assuredly than zombies, and faster that comets. We are looking for simple to read, step by step, anecdotal guides to surviving cancer, divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, or finding a sociopath in your life… all the personal apocalypses. And we are are looking for first hand knowledge and experience not text books or theories.

  1. “I am not a buffet; surviving the narcissist.” Currently accepted on spec, written by anon, edited by Mir Plemmons.
  2. “Chronic Life; life after chemo” Currently accepted on spec, written by Mir Plemmons, edited by Cheryce Clayton.
  3. “Your story, talk to us”


Marines on a bug hunt is one of the cliché’s of Space Opera and we are looking to explore (exploit) this to its fullest. Combat vets and medics will be screening these stories – so get it right or go home. Up to 9000 words considered. Hard SF, Military SF, Space Opera, and Action Adventure. No “touchy feelers” or erotica.

  1. “Bugs! – Kill it with fire” – currently open – 8 slots available, edited by Mir Plemmons and Cheryce Clayton. Bugs, Marines, and fire – go!
  2. “Bugs! – Step on it!” – not yet open.

The details:

1st NA serial, 1st electronic rights = $5 for flash fiction, $25 for 3-9000 words. $3 per poem, not looking for Beowulf or the Iliad, but do want 3-10 poems or pages per writer, $10 per art/photo for interior use, $25 for back cover, $100 for cover art – cover will be chosen from all art submitted (do not submit for cover only, it will be refused)

No reprints or simultaneous submissions; multiple submissions accepted in a single email packet.

All submissions need to be .rtf, minimum formatting, and sent as attachments to talesfromthez (at) Comcast (dot) net. Put in the email header and the title of the anth in the message.

If you are local and interested in proposing and editing an anth – talk to us. You must be available for Mixt meetings on a semi-regular basis.

For longer projects you don’t have to be a zombie to write for Six Point Press.

We are currently closed to purchasing submissions of longer works and stand-alone projects; we are a co-operative press where writers are walked through the process of producing a professional product – if you would like to work with us, shout and we’ll see what we can do to help you on your Path to Publish.

Email talesfromthez (at) Comcast (dot) net with letter of introduction, outline, and sample chapter.

Current received que:

as of 5/18/15

Current acceptance que:

“After Ours 2” – cover art – MA Shaudis

“Gin Wishes”

Accepted – flash – “Gibson Cocktail” Cheryce Clayton.

Accepted on spec – Tyler Yoder

“Bugs! – Kill it with fire”

Accepted – flash – “Smoke a Camel” Cheryce Clayton

Currently On Spec

“We All Fall Down” pitched by Lori Pierce and accepted on spec, stories and poetry about surviving and moving forward after hitting bottom.

“gritty: Roses” collaboration by Cheryce Clayton and Lori Pierce, Mir Plemmons editing.

“Women of the Bible” in development by Reggie Mosby Jr

Edit project by TJ Tranchell

In Active print Que:

“The Quiet Ones” by Cheryce Clayton, awaiting final edit and cover art.

“Tribes” by Don Ciers,

“Coils” by Mir Plemmons, awaiting artwork.

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