The Math

—Would you like to buy my art to use for a book cover?

Probably not. We work with our artists to get specific themes, images, and styles. If you would like to be considered for a freelance project, send me a link to your portfolio.

—Please sell my book covers.

We offer pre-made book covers starting at $25 and we pay an average of $150 for a custom book cover.  If you would like your pre-made cover offered for sale you must use your own photos or art work – no stock images at all – and be willing to work with the writer through uploading and getting the cover onto the book.  This is not a market for sending the cover in a file and leaving the writer to figure everything out, if the writer understood graphics they would make their own cover.  We charge 10-25% commission.

—I noticed a misspelling, grammar flaw, and an obvious auto-correct all in one paragraph – how good can your editors be?

We work with professional editors. I myself am a book doctor and content editor. I am also hopelessly dyslexic and I write most of the content for this webpage – so, until someone tells me I dyslexed it stays……

—Can I just hire an artist or editor without paying you a finder’s fee?

Absolutely! We work with freelancers and each person has contact info on their bio page.

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