Charity Becker

Charity Becker is the Editor-In-Chief of Blysster Press, a non-profit publishing house. In addition to her duties as Editor-In-Chief, Charity is also a prolific writer of horror, dark fantasy, romance, erotica, sci-fi, non-fiction, and kids and family books. She works for several international game companies—including Nekki, Wooga, Joyrocks, and the US company Gilligames—writing, editing, and localizing game stories, in-game content, and PR.
Charity is available for affordable, professional editing starting at less than a dollar per page. She offers several levels of editing work, including simple manuscript evaluation all the way up to deep teaching edits where you work one-on-one with her to improve your writing, story, and confidence. She offers affordable payment plans and can accept many forms of payment (including barter!)
No matter your writing experience, Charity is available to help you polish your story, tighten your writing, and guide you toward your writing and publication goals.

You may contact Charity via the Blysster Press “Services” page or directly at


Bibliography as of July 2015: Charity’s novels include the Presence series (supernatural horror, thriller, suspense) Presence: Awakening, Presence: Wolf Moon, Presence: Smoke and Fire, Presence: Into the Dark, Presence: August Heat; the dark fantasy trilogy Beyond the Veil; and the kids and family books Brother Toad and the Giants and Chick Rebuilds; and her short stories appear in various anthologies.

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