Don Ciers

I am a grandfather, a retired soldier and Lead Auditor for ISO Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems in several different industrial classifications.

I was fortunate to be able to combine more than twenty years operational experience in US Army combat arms units from the squad through battalion level and at the major army command operations level, with my interests in planetary and stellar science, to develop my views on the industrialization and protection of our own home planetary group and eventually the Solar system. My professional development in air/land battle and naval operations doctrine helped me in developing this series of vessel and equipment design concepts, communications, military force structures, weapons categories and doctrinal principals. I have always been a student of geo-politics and military history, I have striven in The Enlightenment Protocols series to chronicle, fictionally, some of the economic, political, cultural and religious factors that lead to aggression and war and how free peoples come together to defend that freedom. Maybe in some small way it can prevent or at least minimize the consequences of some future war.

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The seven tales from the tribes of the Central Metropolitan Regions asserts man is universal. They tell a part of the story of the march of civilizations in the trans-stellar age from other human tribes’ points of view. The series takes place between our present time and the last 400 years of time equivalent roughly to our modern calendar. By Man being universal, I mean the conditions that generated life as we know it are not unique. You will notice, that I focus only on human civilizations and wildlife similar to here on Sol-Earth, but their stellar systems are much closer to one another than here in our spiral region of the galaxy. The series is not Sol-Earthcentric, I do not apologize for that. These thousands of tribes developed similarly but separately, but eventually many come to identify, contact and interact with others, for good or ill. What would some of their histories be like? Who would be their heroes, their villains, and why?

Universal man doesn’t mean man would be universally benevolent or malevolent. Human tribes may also be ambivalent to other tribes they encounter, and anywhere in between. We will meet others someday, some older, more experienced than us, some more or less equal, technologically, and some not so much. I want to see our global tribe able to protect itself and its interests within the Solar system and exploit its resources for the benefit of the entire tribe. But I do not support the expansion of this tribe to another stellar region. I ask each reader of this series two underlying questions. As we progress technologically, given our collective history, how will we behave culturally towards others we meet? As we become enlightened, will we behave toward others as the Commonwealth of Stellar States or the Valerian Monarchy does on the one hand, or as the Sacorsti and their Alliance of Stellar Republics does on the other?