News, announcements, and Sasquatch sightings…


Well, I think I’m caught up.  Just in time to move this summer.

We will be at Crypticon next weekend, then Mir and Amanda Plemmons will be at World Con in Aug.

Submissions are currently open, there are books and projects in the que and actively moving forward.

Thank you for your support, it helped.




2015 has been a challenge. Get up, get dressed, and keep moving forward.

I’ll be updating more frequently, moving the comic archives to here, and blogging.


We took a year off while a family member battled cancer. The battle is over and we are tired.

2015 will be a year of re-evaluating priorities and re-discovering life.


10/22/13: I really need to use this for blogging and not my personal fb…… Oh wait, I said that before….

Still true.

I wrote and posted this poem to the about section of my faceb when I first got the account:

I do not live within the vacuum of your existence.
I assure you that when you look away, I am still here.
And when you thought I was safely tucked away in a memory box, I was out roaming dark streets and learning how to howl at the moon.
The me that you remember has long since grown into a person you do not know.
If you would like an introduction, inquire within.
— chy

I have a hard time with the separation of ego and self. Were does the social pressure/self generated press/family expectations end and the person begin? Is it on paper, in the writing and the dreaming, or maybe in the reflective mirror of a powering down computer screen. We use faceb to try to force ourselves into a higher plane of life, to post inspirational and funny memes for friends to be inspired by all the while searching friends feeds for posts to lighten our own day. It’s an electric treadmill of positive feed back and promotion of self that is easily derailed by one pain-filled message and as easily muted in favor of hot tea and a good book.

I do not like self promotion, it feels too much like bragging and being egotistical. Look at me. Look at me. I posted something important. I know someone impressive. I am involved in the world. The line thins. And then there’s politics, and kittens, don’t forget the pandas. But where does the excited post of this is cool become the smug post of better than you. And the truth… Where is the line between I just discovered this neato fact and this is my Truth. And while one post to say look at what I’m working on, involved with, passionate about is fine when does it become spam. One post a day? One post a subject? Let’s see – today I’ve worked on Posh Rat, Six Point Press, QZ-Con, Belsnickle, the Photo shoot, My writing…… Or do I get one per book as I work on them? I edited Obligations, wrote a bit on Pop Smoke, and rewrote some on Rabid Run this morning…. That would be 8 posts today, this morning….

I would rather brag about a friend and their accomplishments than my own. Rebecca Burpee kicks ass. She is writing children’s stories for the Belsnickle, planning the kid’s activities with Ammie Hague (another very talented woman), and making yet another Custom Destructible piñata for the faire. Seriously, the woman is a force of nature who has thrown herself into Posh Rat and earned my respect repeatedly. Then there’s Mir. Bouncing back from chemo and focusing on building the brand of Six Point Press with me, she spent her weekend down time driving up to Canada to attend the main Canadian Indigenous Writers Conference for me. She understands 2 – 5 – 10 year planning and is working us forward one patient step at a time. There are 29 core people to Posh Rat and they are all people I have learned I can rely on and trust and those are not word I am able to use lightly.

The reason I am having so much fun building Posh Rat and Six Point Press is in watching everyone involved grow and learn and in some cases absolutely blossom. Watching friendships get built, seeing people grow confident in themselves, complete separate from me. I am not the source of their strength – it’s within them. They choose to be involved and they prove themselves to themselves and you can see it in body posture and voice and every interaction. And I want to focus on them over me. I am just an excuse for some great people to step up and be involved. At this point if I step back they would continue to grow and that is really cool.

The poem speaks of introversion, inquire within, and one of the now standing jokes at meetings is that we are a group of ant-social introverts planning public events. No one wants to make phone calls, we suck at knocking on doors looking for sponsors, we dance around personality conflicts like politicians at a fund raiser. But we are learning ourselves as we learn our business, and that’s cool.

Me? Like posting inspirational things, and warnings about subtle dangers a person might have missed, the occasional rant (mostly because it can give someone else permission to acknowledge a problem and the feeling of not being alnoe), and I like pandas and penguins and really stupid fb games. I like to share, I like the conversation not the promotion. And I like my friends and family in person and on fb.

My cousin’s house burned down last night. I haven’t seen her in 25 years, we reconnected on fb, I think we’ve chatted 2 or 3 times, but I read her posts and occasionally click like and she reads mine and occasionally clicks like back and it feels like we are still connected to those summer days in Grandview swimming in the irrigation canals. I read her post this morning and cried. Two sentence status update: Our house burned down, we weren’t home. Addicts did it. And a few photos. No word on insurance, pets, photos. everything my brain filled in and questioned and I started that depression spiral thinking about it, imagining her day, her confusion and pain. And then the writer brain kicked in and started trying to isolate why so few words hit me so hard. Tried categorize the why and the how and to capture the moment to be able to reproduce the emotions. And I stepped away from the computer to think with a cup of hot tea.

It’s easy to know what you do not like, you have to be self honest to know what you do like. You have to look within, past society, friends, and loved ones to see inside yourself to understand why reading a post on faceb that simply says “Our house burned down,” can bring you to tears. It’s not for the one personal tragedy, the tears form from the fact that if she never posted I would never know. The sudden understanding that in a social media world we only hear the good stuff because if it was truly bad, the person wouldn’t be there to post an update.

But I really don’t like self-promotion. Posh Rat need a Social Media person……


6/4/13: I really need to be treating this as my blog and linking to facebook instead of posting on my personal facebook.

The BugOut is moving forward, a lot of diverse people have expressed an interest in attending and a lot of random questions have been asked.

Why are we having the BugOut? Because it sounded fun. It really is that simple, we won’t make a profit, it will probably cost $1000 or so out of pocket, we’re not rich or even vaguely middle class. It sounded fun. Get a bunch of people together, BBQ, bonfire, airsoft hunt zombies in the woods, talk gear, sample other people’s emergency food, check out load outs and tacticool crap. Fun.

Why are you charging by axle and not by car or person? Parking space is limited, maybe it will make people self-aware of their foot-print, and 50% of gate goes to the site owner. $5 increments are easier to divide that say $12.50 a vehicle.

Seriously, I just don’t want to have this conversation at gate:
“$37.50 please,”
“You said $12.50 a vehicle.”
“Hmmmm, we said $12.50 a parking space – you’re an extra long motorhome with a trailer. 3 parking spaces is $37.50.”
“Fuck you, this sucks.”

By charging by the axel the conversation is much simpler:
“$25.00 please,”
“I’m counting 5 axels, did I miss any?”
“No, we’re cool, thanks, where do I park?”

See? And it saves you a few dollars.

Why are you charging for the BBQ? How much food will be at the BBQ?
We’re charging $5.00 per person to defer a bit of the upfront costs on the animals for the butchering class. In reality, I’m charging a token amount because people tend to not respect things that are free. There will also be a “Pass the hat” moment Saturday night and again on leaving for anyone who wants to chip in extra to cover costs. Please do!
The BBQ is just the meat. Anything else you need to provide. We will have a Field Kitchen set up and unopened or unprepared foods can be added to the spread to be cooked. You can volunteer to help cook. Or you can take your skewer of meat back to your camp and eat your own food. It’s not a structured event. If the number of people interested exceeds what looks like a generous serving per person – we will send someone on a grocery store run….

Can I bring my guns/weapons/toys? Hmmmmmm.
You may do so within the limits and laws of Washington State AND if you accept and understand that this will be a very diverse crowd of people, marijuana is also legal, people will be drinking at night, children will be running around at dusk, there are working farms on three sides of the property, and many attendees are completely untrained in fire arms.
I want all weapons peace-bonded, concealed, or secured in camp. Secured means locked. You are responsible for anything that happens with a weapon you brought or accepted responsibility for. There will be many attendees who are certified range masters, law enforcement personnel, just back from the sand box, or who have some serious PTSD. You discharge a firearm for any reason and you will be asked to leave; if you are seen to be sloppy or unsafe with a weapon you will be asked to leave; if your weapon is even vaguely not legal you could be busted.

Oh hey! You said the green word! Can I smoke?
I also mentioned that the majority of our attendees get tested at work. Please do not use hemp products in a public area. That includes Vapes.

Any other questions?

5/21/13: The patches are in, check the faceB to see them, or better yet, drop by our table at crypticon and buy one.

I posted the first few pages of Rabid Run, I will be serializing this book as I rewrite it.

5/20/13: The Elmer’s restaurant here in Tacoma sponsored the Friday Night Social with gift certificates for the raffle.

5/18/13: It seems google has finally decided to remove the mal-ware warning from the old site, this is good.

I am continuing to add content and adjust things – let me know if you see a typo or have a question.

5/15/13: So many new things it’s overwhelming!

The original website is up! And we will be using it through 2013, so be sure to check there for event info as we work to build this site.

5/14/13: This page is our active blog page where we will update regularly.

  1. Rain Cloud says:

    Sasquatch Lives at the Freighthouse Square / Food Court ! / I had my picture taken with him too !

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