After Ours – Practical Hats

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

This story was free from 7/31 – 8/7/15 – hope you enjoyed it.

I have a reading today, at the Nearsighted Narwal in Tacoma at 7pm (2610B 6th Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98406). I’ll be reading from “After Ours”, it’s a collection of 12 stand alone flash fiction stories that in their whole tell a story. What happens to the shop elves and other Folk when the human’s have a zombie apocalypse? Here’s the first story in the book: “After Ours” Published by Six Point Press Copyright 2015 Cheryce Clayton Art by Michael Shaudis Edited by Mir Plemmons After Ours cover art 5 1. “Practical Hats”

“We need to make more hats,” Twigge whispered from her nest under the giant green sewing machine.

“They’re not coming back,” Leef answered from the window sill. He didn’t bother to disguise himself as a cat anymore, he just sat and stared through the dusty window at the dark, empty street.

“They always come back,” Twigge insisted. “Blue Flu, Spanish Influenza, and Bubonic Plague. They always come back.”

Leef turned from the window and looked into the dark storefront. The Haberdashery had survived war and disease before. Each time the after had come and someone had opened the doors, marveled at how well stocked it was and business went on. New owners, same store, same home for Twigge, Leef, and the other Hobs that lived inside the building.

“They went crazy and ate each other, you saw it,” Leef said. He refused to glance over at the rotting pieces that used to be William P. Rutledges, Proprietor. The non-customer had stumbled in without any hat whatsoever, growled like a dog, and then attacked their shop human.

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