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Posted: April 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So, I’m waiting for Amazon to synch the paper and the kindle versions to my author page before I spam you all with an “After Ours” share-my-post request.

The latest “After Ours” story up on QuarterReads​ is a shout out to a story my Grandma Bea Clayton once told me about Choctaw grassmen getting bored and causing trouble.

Meanwhile, I started a new flash fiction series titled “Gin Wishes” and wrote the first story yesterday, “Gibson Cocktail” is a melancholy bit of literary sf that needs to be tightened up in the edit.

I have my outline almost complete for writing “The Angry Ones” (title may change) in May.

Low Rez / Slo Mo is next in the que for pressing.  Toby Joseph​ of the Tacoma Culture Center​ is helping with a few words and Mir Plemmons – Teacher, Editor, Author​ is doing the final edit just as soon as I have the formatting polished.  Cover will be by Jinx from JinxMedic Studios​ again.

Ya know, if you want to work with me on a cover, ask.  I barter.  I have “The Quiet Ones” and “The Art of Self Denial” mostly ready to press and waiting for covers.  And I suspect that the hubby would welcome more time to work on Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse​.

I handed off an edit job last week, if I’m not the right person for a project I can line you up with someone who is….  Teased that I charge a lunch and a coffee for referrals.  And I wrote three articles on spec and one on straight fee ghost in the last week for a total of 7500 words, that plus the flash I wrote yesterday brings my new words count for April to an anemic 44,500.  My edit count is all of “After Ours”, “LowRez/SloMo”, last four chapters of “The Quiet Ones”, beta read for Eloise J. Knapp​, and a ghost book doctor for a romance book.

Now?  It’s time for lunch and then I will finish the outline for “The Angry Ones”.  Chapter one is finished, just need to weave the plot threads and see where they go…..

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